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Even More Heart to Hart Notes!

 " Thank You MOST SINCERELY for your professionalism, kindness, & an exceptional job well done."

                               T.J. & Joyce

JHI Customers Since 2018'

 "Good Morning Angela.  I just wanted to say thanks for working our service call into Johns very busy schedule yesterday!!  I love spreading good news (LOL good thing since I work at a church...:)) and I'm very excited that I have your wonderful company to recommend to others!!  Thanks again for your help!  John and his co-worker were amazing!  Have a great day!"


          JHI Customers Since 2017' 


"Thanks for 2 1/2 yrs of excellent service! Sold our house. The New Owners have your number."

                         Jack & Rosie

JHI Customers Since 2015'

"Thank You :) : It was cold outside.  You guys came to service my irrigation anyway.  Thank you from the bottom of my "heart".


JHI Custimer Since 2017'

 "The experience of dealing with John during his service call was an enjoyable experience.  His solutions to our problem were quickly identified and completed. Even though we had never met before, I felt I was talking to an old friend.  Also, compared to other opinions I had received, he saved me a great deal of money.  My HOA takes care of routine maintenance, but if I ever need changes not covered by my HOA  I wouldn't call anyone else but John Harts Irrigation. "


JHI Customer Since: 2016'

" You good folks really know the meaning of the expression "Customer Service" Thank you so much for being exceptionally fast at coming out to solve a problem for us. "

                              David & Pam

JHI   C ustomer Since: 2009'

 "Dear Angie & John,

      Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your help and immediate response when Tommy screws-up the timer. (He needs adult supervision.) One good turn deserves another. So take your best gal out to dinner on us. Thank you for your time, service, and the friendly professional way you treat your customers."

Sincerely, Joanie & Tommy

 JHI  Customer Since:  2006'

Thank You Joanie & Tommy  for the gift card! Very kind of you both to think of us. We really appreciate the opportunity to get away one evening together. Already have a family member watching Dustin. So very nice of you! Opportunities like this happen rarely with a special family like ours. God Bless & Big Hugs!                                          John & Angela

"Thank You-

     You are the best bargin in Central  Florida."

Happy Thanksgiving!


JHI Customer Since:2012'

"Thanks for the prompt & good service. If something else goes wrong I will be sure to give you a call."



JHI Customer Since: 2014'

" Dear Angela

       Thanks for the personal communication. I wanted you to know with the personal experience I had with autism; I admire greatly your work and accomplishment & your sons.

Good Luck! Best Wishes!"


JHI Customer Since: 2001'


Many thanks for your attention to detail and getting my irrigation up and running again.  Wasn't expecting the Sunday service - amazing!"


JHI Customer Since: 2014'

"Thanks for the GREAT SERVICE....ITS NICE TO HAVE A REAL PROFESSIONAL WORK FOR US.  Take care and continued success."
           JHI  Customer Since: 2009'

   Your an inspiration & I pray your family prosper!"
                                      Bob  L.
JHI  Customer Since: 2015'
Good morning Angela.  I just wanted to say thanks for working our service call into Johns very busy schedule yesterday!!  I love spreading good news (LOL good thing since I work at a church...:)) and I'm very excited that I have your wonderful company to recommend to others!!  Thanks again for your help!  John and his co-worker were amazing!  Have a great day!

"Thank You for coming so promptly. I am amazed at how reasonable your charges are; I'm so grateful for your constant excellent service!"

               Robert &  Annabel

JHI Customer Since 2004'

" Thank You!

       I'll pass your name along to anyone who needs irrigation work."


JHI Customer Since 2017'

"We were extremely  pleased with John's professionalism, thoroughness and very reasonable charges for the work he did for us. Our only regret is that we did not find John sooner.  We will definitely use him again and refer him to anyone that we know that is in need of his services."                              

                   Thank you again.


   JHI Customer Since 2016'

" Dear Angela, John and  Dustin ... what a wonderful video of Dustin's trip to Busch Gardens and Santa's house! We just love it.  All the best to you for 2015 and beyond! "           

                   Alex & Anina

JHI Customer Since: 2012'

"Hi , It's really getting bad when you lose a sprinkler head-- Glad you could find it for me :)


JHI  Customer Since:  2008'

 "Dear John,

      Thank You so much for fixing my Irrigation system! You always do an excellent job. So kind and caring."

                      Thanks Again,


JHI Customer Since:   2008'

"Thank you for coming so promptly when I called and for your explanation & fixing my tired old sprinkler system to the best way possible."


JHI Customer Since:  2015'

"Thank You. You guys were Awesome!"


JHI Customer Since: 2015'

 " Thank you for the prompt and professional tune-up on my irrigation system. G ood job.  Will call you again when I need service."


JHI Customer Since: 2004'

"Thank You so much for taking care of our problem. We really appreciate all you did."

                      Janet & Gene

JHI  Customer Since: 2008'

"Just  wanted to Thank you for the work you did here. Did a great job! Knew what to do and took care of the propblem. Really apprecaite it."


JHI Customer Since: 2015'

"Dear John,

        Thank You so much for your kindness, your thoughtful ways will be remembered often. You always do a great job. Really Appreciate you."

                     Thanks Again.


JHI Customer Since: 2008'

         "You guys Rock!"



JHI  Customer Since: 2007'

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