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To our Customers and Friends


                                             AS WELL AS  OUR BEST WISHES  TO YOU!                              

Dedicated people like you  are our company's greatest asset. We appreciate your loyalty and extra efforts and wish you every happiness now and through the new year. We h ope you've had a Wonderful 2018' ;but an even Better 2019.' 

FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS WE HOPE YOU ENJOY  A SPECIAL "WALK IN MY AUTISM SHOES"  VIDEO (with Angela and John's youngest son, Dustin, who has autism. Their son may be 22yrs. old, but his mentality is of a 3-5 yr old child ) ,AS WELL AS  SOME HEART WARMING Special Moments and HOLIDAY  VIDEOS! WE WISH EVERYDAY WAS CHRISTMAS  SO WE COULD SHARE MORE  MAGICAL MOMENTS SUCH AS THE ONES BELOW.  BIG HUGS &  GOD BLESS!                                                   

                                                                           JOHN, ANGELA , and of course, DUSTIN

  • Meet Angela Hart, She's more then just a voice who answers this business phone when you call.
  • An Autism Mini-Moment #10: "My Grown-Up Christmas Wish"
  • Created by, Angela  Hart (aka) S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom

  • Just another Day out & about with My Dustin (LOL) Never a Dull Moment with Autism :)

  • An AUTISM Mini-Moment #3
    by, S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom Angela:
    "When Christmas Wishes Come True"

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