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Welcome to John Hart's Irrigation, Inc. Serving ALL of Lake County Florida.  We are a Licensed and Insured company as well as a business with over 30 years experience excellence.  

We specialize in Residential and Small Commercial Service,   System Expansions , Upgrades , Maintenance Pump Repairs , and Pump Replacements . Of course, now with everyone having a Smart Phone.  Our business "NOW "offers  WiFi Irrigation Controller Capability !  You read correctly!  You can now have the power to control your irrigation system in the palm of your hand. 

Our company is a unique and very special family owned business which you're sure to see as you continue browsing through our site pages. We  offer Friendly and Affordable Service, Top of the line Products, and Unspeakable Office Hours for your Convenience. In fact, we encourage you to visit our "Heart to Hart" Page to see what  some of our  thoughtfully kind customers have mailed or emailed to us over the years. If you are in need of our services please feel free to call the office Monday-Friday between 7am and 6pm and we will be happy to accommodate to your irrigation needs.

Eustis Area: 352-357-9230    

Clermont Area: 352-242-1552

Additional Courtesy For Our Customers

Our business wants to help you feel safe when you call us for your service needs. Therefore, we ALWAYS give a half hour notice before sending our service technician to your home. We have found this to especially comfort our customers which are widowed, handicapped, or just uneasy with encountering new individuals. Furthermore, when our service truck arrives you can guarantee it will be lettered with our company name and number. Just look for our company logo and motto shown below.

         It is unfortunate that there are still persons posing as legitimate licensed and insured Businesses; therefore, JHI has posted some links to the right for you to check out companies that you may question or like to look into further.


John Hart's Irrigation, Inc specializes in Residential and Small Commercial, Service,  System Expansions , Upgrades, Maintenance,  Pump Repairs, and Pump Replacements .

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As of  January 1, 2019  all irrigation service are to be paid in full at time of service either by check or by credit card. A paid invoice will be sent to you by mail/email once payment has cleared.  

We do apoligize for the inconvenice,however, we've had no choice but to change the way we bill our customers.  If you have questions regarding our new policy or prices; please feel free to contact the office.

If you are on maintenance check-ups with us, you'll continue recieving an invoice from the office as you always have, but are expected to send or pay online once you recieve your invoice. Thank You. 

John Hart's Irrigation, Inc. 

A Better Business Bureau 

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    (A+) Rating 

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   John Hart's    Irrigation Inc             Receives :  

  "2015 Best of    Eustis Award"  

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Lake County Licensed                    AND  an                         Active Lake County            Competency Card


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